2x 500mm black anodized 2020 alu extrusion, 20 euro on aliexpress portugal vs. germany

You can custom the colors what you want do.Also you can choose black color. All colors keep same price.

Mar 13, 2020 · Magentic Door LATCH / 2020 30 40 Aluminum Profile Extrusion Accessory (2 Sets) $9.95. Free shipping. 2040 T Slot Aluminim Profile Extrusion / 500mm 600mm 800mm (2 Pcs) FREE SHIPPING. $29.50. Free shipping. T Bolt M5 M8*20 25 40 / 2020 4040 Aluminum Profile Extrusion Accessory (Qty 20) $10.95. Free shipping.

A black, gold, or silver anodized finish protects this 5005 aluminum from wear and abrasion. These sheets and bars are anodized on one side, then covered with a protective film. The black finish is matte, while the gold and silver finishes are brushed to mask fingerprints. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number.

US$20.56 US$40.32 49% Off Machifit 500mm Length 4040 Double T-Slot Aluminum Profiles Extrusion Frame Based on 2020 For CNC 20 reviews COD US$13.15 US$25.78 49% Off Machifit 700mm Length Black Anodized 2020 T-Slot Aluminum Profiles Extrusion Frame For CNC 12 reviews COD 20 Pack ZYLtech 2020 T-slot Aluminum Extrusion - 20X 500mm, Black Anodized. Brand New. $94.95.

Brunner Enterprises Inc. is a stocking distributor of custom and standard aluminum extrusions, anodized aluminum, fittings, and the connectors and fasteners needed to secure them. We carry over 200 aluminum extrusions including: aluminum angles, aluminum bars, aluminum channels, aluminum tubes, mirror trim, boat trim, sign frames, railing, and

The following is different from normal Europe standard 2020 aluminum extrusion profile and the 2020 V-slot, we ship randomly. Anodized Plate Set with 1000mm linear Rail Black. Black Anodized Aluminum V-Slot.

Applies a decorative finish similar to paint but with more durability. The process involves melting dry plastic powder onto the metal to produce a textured, matte or glossy coating. Eagle Mouldings has access to thousands of powder colors for your aluminum trim finish. Ask us about our stocked colors or call out a color code yourself from the 10 Series, 2″ x 2″ SMOOTH T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion, TNUTZ Part #EX-2020. •Extrusions have a clear anodized finish, and may have one end anodized as well.

Your imagination is the limit. Channel Slot (used with several sizes of T-Bolts, Channel Nuts, Standard Nuts, Connecting Brackets and many other options). Price Part Number Length Width Height Color Finish; $18.99: 26049-04: 958 mm 20 mm 20 mm Black Black Anodized Order No: HY-S6-2020RQ, T-slot height: 6.1 mm, Section size: 20 mm × 20 mm, R= 18.5°, Hole: φ5 mm, Thickness of diagonal bar: 1.5 mm. 2020RQ profile usually applies to the corner of framework structure, easy to connect and no sharp edges, so it’s safe and beautiful facade. 2020RQ profile usually matches with M6 bolt and nut, its bearing We carry Aluminum Angle Unequal Legs in 6061 Extruded T6 and 6063 Extruded T52 Architectural. Aluminum angle stock is available in full size and custom cut lengths.. We also carry Aluminum Angle Equal Legs.

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